We have had fun with QR codes today!

November 26th, 2015 by mrsoconnor
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We have enjoyed scanning QR codes and recognising numbers. We held the camera above the QR code for it to scan. The iPod then links to a photo on the internet.



We then had a go at writing the number on large pieces of paper. We were very excited when we found the numbers. We even had a go at matching the number to the right amount of stars!

IMG_0506IMG_0507IMG_0518 IMG_0522

You could try this at home. Here are some QR codes.

Why don’t you see if your grownups can download a QR code reader (Kaywa is what we use at school) from the app store.

What numbers do these QR codes lead to?

Picture1 Picture2


You could also see if you can find QR codes whilst out and about. There are lots on leaflets and at bus stops!

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