The Children Find A Lost Puppy.

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Earlier this week, a strange message popped up on to the Interactive Whiteboard. It was a message from a dog explaining that she had lost her puppy…

Later that day, the children were all busy working in the classroom, when they heard a strange whining sound from outside the room. There was a little puppy. He was lost and upset! So we took him into the classroom and made him a comfy bed to sleep in and gave him a drink. We discussed how we could make him feel welcome and named him Pongo!



The children  have been finding out how to look after the puppy while we look for his mummy! They decided to make some posters to put all around the school.

The children  have learnt how to draw using a computer program called Purple Mash and they will use these pictures for their posters.

They have done a fantastic job I am sure you will agree…



The children have enjoyed finding out how to care for dogs. This week the Role Play Area turned into a Pet Shop. Over the next couple of week, we will continue to find out more about  pets and how to care for animals.

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