Fun Phonics!

Posted by Reception Staff on Friday Sep 25, 2015 Under Uncategorized

This week we have started learning that letters can make sounds when they are read.

In Phonics this week we have been learning the letters s,a and t in lots of fun and active ways…

 P1050683 P1050685P1050808

We built the Funny Bones Town…

P1050810P1050825 P1050815 made Towers,

P1050833 P1050835  P1050841  P1050856 P1050857 P1050859P1050855 and Tasty Terrific Toast!

P1050719P1050738 P1050734

We made a play dough sequin snake, used scissors to cut spaghetti, painted T‘s with Twigs and enjoyed being creative!

P1050739P1050783P1050791P1050860P1050834 P1050827


We went on a ‘spotty sock hunt’ to count the spots on the socks in the classroom and even practised our letter formation with our friends on the carpet!


Can you think of anything you can do at home that involves these sounds?



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