Elfie visited Bluebirds!

Posted by Reception Staff on Wednesday Dec 2, 2015 Under Uncategorized

Katie brought her Elf in today, who she has called Elfie! She told the class how he is not a toy and is a real elf working for Santa. She told us all about how he has been getting up to cheeky things during the night. At home, he emptied out all of Katie’s bobbles and also ate some Fruit Pastilles! We then left him on a shelf and hoped he would behave during the school day.

IMG_0556 IMG_0557

However, when we came back from play time, some children noticed Elfie had moved ever so slightly. Some children were very suspicious but we carried on with our normal day. Then, when we come back from our nativity practise Elfie had moved again and was sat next to the camera! When we looked on the camera we saw lots of pictures of what Elfie had been getting up to whilst we were out of the classroom!

He managed to get all around school, visiting Mrs Bottomley, the office and even helped himself to some chocolates in the staff room! We have been practising so hard that we didn’t notice him sat on the Christmas tree watching our nativity in the hall!!

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