Not forgetting…..

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During our circle times after the 11th November, we talked about why Remembrance Sunday is an important day and wondered why we wear poppies. Many of the children were very knowledgeable about the poppies and knew why we wore them. The children were keen to make and wear them and some wanted to make their own wreaths to put on the schools Cenotaph. I’m sure you will agree that they did a great job.

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Happy Diwali

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We enjoyed looking at the festival celebrated by Hindu Families around the world. It is the festival of light called Diwali. We listened to the story of Rama and Sita, where Rama rescues Sita from the evil Demon king Ravana. Families light small lights called Divas to light the way home and dress up in beautiful clothes and share delicious foods. If you want to find out more follow the link!

We created our own decorations called Rangoli patterns on paper and had a go at doing Mehendi hand patterns.

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Once Upon a Time…

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The children returned to school after the half term holiday and found Gingerbread Man parts around the classroom.

After we fixed the parts together we found the hidden message on the back.

The children were delighted to read the story and used the puppet theatre to act out the story.

Later we followed instructions to make our own Gingerbread Men.

We followed the recipe really carefully, measuring scoops and spoons and cooked them in the oven.

The next day we iced and decorated them! Yum Yum delicious 😊

Oven making.

Later we used our imagination and physical skills to build an oven to cook the gingerbread man in. It needed good communication and team work to create and build the oven. Everyone did a great job and we managed to gobble him up before he ran away!

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Pet Shop Visit for the Skeleton Dog

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Each class in Reception has had a visitor this week. It’s Pipa the skeleton dog!

Pipa knew that we had been reading the ‘Funny Bones’ story and decided to come to school for a few days.

We also received a letter from the ‘Dogsbody’ pet shop in Silsden. The lovely lady at the shop invited us to look around her shop and suggested we bought some things to help to care for Pipa. We decided to write a shopping list to help us think about what a dog might need to be happy and healthy.

Each class bought some dog food, a tasty dog cake, some dog toys and some poo bags for Pipa. We are all going to have a Pet Shop or Vets department in our role play area to practise reading signs and labels and to help us understand how to use money to pay for items that are for sale.

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Tasting different fruits

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The children have been exploring their senses this week and tried a number of different fruits to see which ones they liked and didn’t.  We looked very closely at a tongue and discussed the taste buds and what they do.  We tried, pineapple, blueberries, banana and even lemon!! The children liked some and not others!!

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Skeleton Activities

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We have been enjoying lots of different activities this half term linked with our topic – Funny Bones!

Skeleton Pizza’s!

Playdough Animal Skeletons

Dark Dark Adventures – Hunting for the Funnybones Skeletons!

Labelling a Skeleton

Cotton Bud Skeleton Hands

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The Life Caravan

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Harold the giraffe visited us in school this week and we had an amazing time going into the caravan to see him. (Although one little chap was initially disappointed as it didn’t have beds!)

Harold was fantastic and talked to us about looking after our bodies, keeping clean and eating healthily. We looked at a life sized dolly called Tam who had light up veins, heart, brain, lungs and stomach. We also discussed about what to do and who to speak to if we were feeling sad, at home and at school. We had a great time and learnt lots!

After we had been in the Life Caravan, in our Understanding the World lesson we thought about all the different ways to keep healthy that Harold had talked about.

We thought about all the food that we eat to give us energy and whether they are healthy or unhealthy. We worked together in groups to sort these foods into our healthy and unhealthy hoops!

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Reception New Starters

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A warm welcome to everyone who is starting Reception this September.

This is our Reception Blog which is regularly updated with photographs and information about what we have been up to at school. Keep dropping by this page as we add pictures often and feel free to leave comments, we love to read them!

Our new Reception children all had their first day at school last week and they all had a fantastic day and kept themselves very busy, as you can see!





Lunchtime and Snack time.

Lunchtime can be a bit scary and loud when you first come to school but our wonderful children took it in their stride, they soon got into the hang of the trays and choosing their own food. We were very proud!

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Superstars on Sports Day!

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After the disappointment of a cancelled sports day last week, the children were very excited to head up to the field for Sports Day this afternoon.

The sun was shining and lots of our grown up’s had come to support us in all the races and games.

We started with the relay races then moved onto lots of different activities, including javelin, discus and speed jump! The children especially enjoyed watching their family in the mums and dads races!

The children took part in all of the activities and enjoyed cheering their friends on when it wasn’t their turn.

All of the Reception team were very impressed with the children. It was a fantastic afternoon, with everyone performing brilliantly. They displayed determination, perseverance and a great amount of effort.

Well done everyone! A fantastic and fun end to our Reception year.

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Goodbye Butterflies!

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Today we said goodbye to our butterflies. We have loved having them in our classrooms, watching them grow and observing all the changes. But today we agreed it was best to let our butterflies free into the garden to enjoy all the flowers!

It was very exciting watching the butterflies go to their new homes and we enjoyed holding them just before they took flight!


The butterflies missed us so much they even game back to say hello the next day!


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