Palaeontologist Visit

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Wow.. what a fantastic day we have had in Reception…

Our morning started with a wonderful visit from Jon the Palaeontologist. (Some parents may recognise our palaeontologist from the Hothfield site… we think it might be Mr Crossley’s twin brother….)

Jon told us all about his job and showed us some amazing pictures of the dinosaurs and fossils he has found from all around the world.

He even brought with him his special basket of tools he uses to help dig up dinosaurs, we looked carefully at these and learnt lots about their different uses!

THEN… whilst we were in the hall busy listening to our visitor, our special egg’s that we have been keeping safe in our classrooms hatched open!

We couldn’t believe it when we got back to find our eggs had opened up! Luckily none of the eggs had any real life dinosaurs in them, like some of us had predicted, because we now know that dinosaurs are extinct!

Instead we found lots of yummy chocolate mini eggs… and some dinosaur fossils for us to dig up this afternoon, just like a real palaeontologist would do!

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Dinosaur Activites

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We have been enjoying lots of different dinosaur activities over the last few weeks!

In Maths we have been practising our quick counting. We played a game called ‘Dinosaur Splat’, we took it in turns to count our dinosaurs as quickly as we could and splat the correct number to match these!

Outside we worked together in teams to create a giant dinosaur using the large equipment. We thought really carefully about what objects to use for the different body parts of the dinosaurs.

Look at these amazing silhouette pictures. The children used block paints to create the background after cutting out their dinosaurs.

We followed instruction cards to count out amounts of Lego pieces. We used the pieces to create a safe enclosure for our baby dinosaurs.

The children used phonic skills to read the recipe card. Then they collected the ingredients to make dinosaur soup.

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