Pet Shop Visit for the Skeleton Dog

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Each class in Reception has had a visitor this week. It’s Pipa the skeleton dog!

Pipa knew that we had been reading the ‘Funny Bones’ story and decided to come to school for a few days.

We also received a letter from the ‘Dogsbody’ pet shop in Silsden. The lovely lady at the shop invited us to look around her shop and suggested we bought some things to help to care for Pipa. We decided to write a shopping list to help us think about what a dog might need to be happy and healthy.

Each class bought some dog food, a tasty dog cake, some dog toys and some poo bags for Pipa. We are all going to have a Pet Shop or Vets department in our role play area to practise reading signs and labels and to help us understand how to use money to pay for items that are for sale.

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Tasting different fruits

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The children have been exploring their senses this week and tried a number of different fruits to see which ones they liked and didn’t.  We looked very closely at a tongue and discussed the taste buds and what they do.  We tried, pineapple, blueberries, banana and even lemon!! The children liked some and not others!!

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Skeleton Activities

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We have been enjoying lots of different activities this half term linked with our topic – Funny Bones!

Skeleton Pizza’s!

Playdough Animal Skeletons

Dark Dark Adventures – Hunting for the Funnybones Skeletons!

Labelling a Skeleton

Cotton Bud Skeleton Hands

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