Superstars on Sports Day!

Posted by Reception Staff on Tuesday Jul 16, 2019 Under Uncategorized

After the disappointment of a cancelled sports day last week, the children were very excited to head up to the field for Sports Day this afternoon.

The sun was shining and lots of our grown up’s had come to support us in all the races and games.

We started with the relay races then moved onto lots of different activities, including javelin, discus and speed jump! The children especially enjoyed watching their family in the mums and dads races!

The children took part in all of the activities and enjoyed cheering their friends on when it wasn’t their turn.

All of the Reception team were very impressed with the children. It was a fantastic afternoon, with everyone performing brilliantly. They displayed determination, perseverance and a great amount of effort.

Well done everyone! A fantastic and fun end to our Reception year.

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Goodbye Butterflies!

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Today we said goodbye to our butterflies. We have loved having them in our classrooms, watching them grow and observing all the changes. But today we agreed it was best to let our butterflies free into the garden to enjoy all the flowers!

It was very exciting watching the butterflies go to their new homes and we enjoyed holding them just before they took flight!


The butterflies missed us so much they even game back to say hello the next day!


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Caterpillars, Chrysalis and Butterflies.

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A couple of weeks ago we bought lots and lots of very tiny and very hungry caterpillars for the children to observe and later record the progress they were making.

The children couldn’t believe how fast they grew and loved watching them changed.

After about a week they started to build their chrysalis.

When we came in this morning we spotted some butterflies and as the day went on more and more began to hatch! Altogether we had about 20 butterflies!

We gave the butterflies some sugar water and orange slices whilst they stretched their wings inside the net and will let them go tomorrow.



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Where’s the Worm? Positional Language.

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We have been looking at positional language in our maths work and looked at some power point slides called- ‘Where’s the Worm!’

After this, the children had a go at hiding their own worms for the rest of the group to try and say where they have found him, but they needed to use positional language to describe, such as, under, next to, inside, behind, on top of, or in front of. The children enjoyed this task and loved hiding and finding their worms!


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