Doubling and Halving.

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As part of our maths work this week we have been doubling numbers, (adding the same number to itself) and halving, (sharing a number in half, or even sharing things between many people or things). We completed a number of practical activities where we needed to sort out the pairs of doubles that were all mixed up in a tough tray. It was tricky but we did some excellent counting and matching.

Ladybirds are really good for doubling and we had a try at rolling a dice and doubling the spots and then making some of our own doubling ladybirds. The numbers need to be the same on both sides and some of the dice went up to 10. Some really tricky doubling.



Later on in the week we practised our halving and sharing, we needed to share biscuits or sweets cubes between the plates.



We read the story- Sharing a Shell, it has lots of sea creatures to share the shells between. The tricky ones had 4 characters from the story and 12 shells!

We also used play dough to make special items and then share those between different things.

If you have a look around online you will find lots of lovely games, and songs for doubling and halving. Here’s a link for our doubles song.

The children love the song and have been learning the doubles and their totals.


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Water, Water Everywhere!

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Our summer term topic has begun and the children are already enjoying the range of tasks and experiences that the teachers have planned.




During the first week we found a small treasure chest with some teeth inside. This discovery led to lots of prediction and discussion. A few days later Mrs O’Connor explained that they were in fact SHARKS teeth! She also gave us a fantastic book. After lots of careful reading, we discovered that ‘Cruncher’ the main character in the story had lost his teeth. Cruncher had a nasty habit of crunching up anything that he found at the bottom of the sea.

There be Pirates Ahoy!!!!

Today the children have been making, building, negotiating, discussing, turn taking, compromising, sharing and building an amazing ship in our outside area.

When the boat was finished the children had to imagine where they were going, what they could see and how they would feel. They had so much fun and so much storytelling came from their imaginations……

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