A Visit from Danny The Builder

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We had a super visit from Danny The Builder this afternoon.

He arrived with a huge bag of sand, some stone bricks and his tools.



We all had a quick look in his bag of sand just to check what was in there!

Danny mixed up some fake cement, which was actually just sand and water. (Cement is too dangerous and could have burnt our skin)

He talked about his tools and then showed us how to build a wall that was strong. The children explained to Danny how we had built our own walls for the pigs houses, as the wolf had blown their houses down.


We really enjoyed the visit and learnt a great deal about building and safety.

Thank you so much to Danny Clarke, he was a superstar and the children really enjoyed his visit. Thank you also for giving the children a free pen. The children were over the moon to have a lovely gift!

After the visit some children followed Danny’s building advice and built some walls of their own. Well done!


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Three Little Pigs House Building Experiment

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In Literacy we have been reading the story ‘The Three Little Pigs’, in the story the wolf managed to blow the pigs houses of straw and wood down. We decided begin an experiment to see if we could build houses strong enough, so the wolf could not blow them down! We worked together in teams, using lots of construction toys and materials from around the classroom to build the strongest house we could! Then the big bad wolf (a hairdryer!) tested how strong our houses were!








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Visiting the Building site.

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Today we ventured further afield to look at the Heron homes building site.

We went to look particularly at the different stages of house building and to look at the safety that is needed at the building site.

On our way we looked at  some of the different kinds of houses and buildings and we talked about what materials they could see.



We met two friendly  builders, Steve and Jordan. They showed us the clothes that they wore to keep safe whilst working. The builder used some really big machines to move equipment around the site.


At the building site we discussed the scaffolding and fencing around the site and the different safety signs we could see.



We were really safe and sensible and enjoyed our visit to the site.  We also talked a lot about road safety and walking sensibly next to the road. Well done Reception.


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Science Week Experiments

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We have been experimenting with different liquids for our science week activities. We had great fun and lots of valuable discussions and predictions trying to decide which liquid would reach the bottom of the pipe first. We tried to do a fair test and have all the lengths of pipes the same and the same level.



We predicted which liquid would reach the bottom first, would it be water, washing up liquid, cooking oil or shaving foam?


Many children predicted water, because they knew it was fast. Somebody suggested it make them slip in the bath, so it would slip down the pipe super fast!




Why not ask your children which one won and why??

Inside the children experimented with a range of materials to create tunnels. The children made predication’s and tested their ideas.

The children enjoyed making  tunnels with wet sand and used sticks to carefully create a hole through the middle. Construction kits were the strongest! The children discovered that it was impossible to make tunnels with dry sand.


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Science Week

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Wow! What a fab start to science week we have had with a visit from Reptile World this afternoon.

We started with an introduction to all the different reptiles they had brought.



Then we took it in turns to stroke and touch the snake and the bearded dragon! We were all very brave and used our careful hands to touch the animals without scaring them. The snake felt very slimy and the bearded dragon was very spiky and bumpy!





Some of the animals like the Tarantula and the Tortoise don’t like to be touched so we just looked at these ones with our eyes. It was great fun watching the animals and we enjoyed asking lots of questions about what they like to do and what they like to eat!


A big thank you to Reptile World for bringing all these wonderful animals into our school for us to see!

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Three Little Pigs

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Welcome back to the spring term. We really are springing back into work in Reception!

In our first week back we found sad pigs in our classrooms. Skylarks had Bill, Bluebirds had Tom and Swifts had Sam. All three classes met in our assembly  and discovered that the other pigs were in each reception classes.





They each had a note explaining that the wolf had blown down their houses and taken the key for the brick house. The children were really kind and have been discussing ways to help these poor sad pigs.


We have since built houses out of straw, sticks and bricks to use in our small world areas.



We have been acting out the story of the 3 little pigs with that big bad wolf!

The children have been busy investigating our new areas in the classroom and are already interested to learn more about our topic – ‘Move it, Make it, Build it’.



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