Adding one more to the group.

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The children have been working very hard all last week counting on one more. First we used a number line and a number square to support their learning and then we have progressed to counting on one more or, adding on one more number in our heads. This can be quite tricky, but we have been practising loads and we have got really good at it! In this game we had to circle one number more than the one shown on the card. We got really fast at the game.

This has lead to us beginning to record one more, by using addition and adding one more to a group.  We have done this in lots of different ways, adding on one more dinosaur, or building a tower using one more brick. Some of us had a go at recording it as an addition, a number sentence.



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Very Thirsty Dinosaurs

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We have had lots of thirsty dinosaurs this week. The children had to decide which dinosaur they thought would drink the most swamp juice. The children made lots of great estimations and predictions and then tested out their theories to see if their guesses were close. The children measured how many scoops went into the containers and recorded their findings on paper. Great predicting and testing guys, lots of accurate predictions, well done.

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