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A  palaeontologist kindly lent us some of his tools and fossils from his digging expeditions.

He needed special tools to find and dig out the fossils, as some of them were very delicate.

He brought us some of his special ones that we observed under magnifying glasses.

We now have our own fossil digging areas where we can brush off the sand and discover bones and fossils.

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Weighing and Measuring Dinosaurs

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We have been using our maths skills to weigh and measure the dinosaurs and the dinosaur food. We use stones to see how heavy the food was to prove which was the heaviest.

The dinosaurs were weighed against bricks to see which was the heaviest.  We kept the food, just in case one ever decides to visit our school!!

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Mystery Egg Day

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After waiting for two weeks our egg shaped mystery object has finally broken open. It was all very exciting!


After researching lots of factual books the children understood  that the mystery object couldn’t be hiding a baby dinosaur because they became EXTINCT over 65 million years ago!

However the Reception children where happy to find lots of small chocolate eggs inside.

After some careful counting we found that we had enough eggs for everyone to eat! Yum Yum!

The mystery object also had a block of hard sand inside. The children carefully unearthed some hidden dinosaurs inside.


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OH NO!! Some of the dinosaurs got stuck in the ice!!!!

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We have been talking about teamwork in class during our circle time activities. Its important to work together and try to work as a team.

One person hammered and another tried to scrape the ice away to rescue the dinosaurs from the frozen eggs. We think they had been left outside in the frost and had completely frozen!




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