Reception Nativity

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Our children were amazing today. The Reception performance was fantastic! The children sang their hearts out and all the children with speaking parts did an amazing job remembering their lines and saying them clearly. Well done our little Reception stars there is a place to you in Hollywood.

A big well done also to the staff who have worked so hard on this production and still keep smiling and singing. Thank you.






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Its the most wonderful time of the year….

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The nativity rehearsals are well underway, the Christmas decorations are out and our classrooms are filled with excited children (and elves!) enjoying lots of Christmas activities, getting into the festive spirit!


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Billy Goats Gruff Bridge Building

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We have been thinking about ways to help the Billy Goats cross the bridge to get to the juicy green green grass. We decided that to get across safely and avoid the scary Troll the Billy Goats needed a strong bridge to help them. We used lots of different resources we could find around our classroom to help us build a strong bridge for the Billy Goats.




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The Three Billy Goats Gruff Story Telling

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We have been reading the story of the 3 Billy Goats Gruff in class and talked about the different parts and characters of the story and how they acted and sounded.

We used voices like the goats, a little quiet one for the smallest goat and a huge scary one for the troll! We used the masks to help us and had a great time. Lots of us wanted to do the activity more than once!

We also had a go at building our own bridges for the trolls to hide under and the goats to go across. We used mathematical positional language to describe our positions and where we wanted to go. We tried hard to pretend we were the troll and pulled some scary faces too!


We had a go at creating our own storyboards with the characters from the 3 Billy Goats Gruff. We talked about the different sizes of the Billy and made our own bridges and rivers, adding details carefully. They look amazing! Look out for the trolls!


A troll came to visit us in our classroom! We asked him lots of different questions and learnt lots about him. This helped us with our troll writing and gave us lots of ideas about how to describe the troll! We even had a go at making our own troll to live under the bridges in our outdoor area….

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Silsden Primary School supported BBC Children in Need 2018

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BBC Children in Need Appeal

What an amazing day we all had!

A huge thank you to all children, families and staff who helped to make lots of lovely money for the children and families helped by Children in Need. We raised an amazing £1000!

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Remembrance Day

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Over the last couple of weeks the children in Reception have been learning all about why we commemorate Remembrance Day and have learned about the sacrifices made by brave people, who risked and often gave their lives in war, so that we may live in peace.

As part of our commemorations, we created our own poppies and learnt about the significance of the poppies and why we wear them. All of our poppies, along with the rest of the schools, were made into a wonderful display in the school hall by Mrs Keith and we held our own two minutes silence in assembly on Friday as a time to reflect and remember all of these brave people.


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Look all around, which 2D shapes can you find?

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In our Maths work in Reception we have been shape spotting again. We have been looking for and making 2D shapes inside and outside the classroom. We had a go at making some 2D shapes, remembering their names and then trying to describe what they look like- how many sides and corners they have.



We made our own shapes out of sticks, working with a friend and talking through the shapes we had made.

This week we have been hiding shapes in the garden and telling our friends where to find them, using describing words and positional language. We also created a group picture with different shapes, which ones can you spot and describe.

We also went out with our trusty clipboards hunting for shapes with our friends and ticked off how many we had found. We included, squares, circles, ovals, rectangles, triangles, hexagons and rhombuses. Some were very tricky to spot!

We have also been singing these songs, just click on the links-

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Once Upon a Time…

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The children returned to school after the half term holiday and found Gingerbread Man parts around the classroom.

After we fixed the parts together we found the hidden message on the back.


The children were delighted to read the story and used the puppet theatre to act out the story.


Later we followed instructions to make our own Gingerbread Men.

We followed the recipe really carefully, measuring scoops and spoons and then we popped them into the oven.




The next day we iced them and talked about where we were going to add all the decorating using positional language.

We took one home and we ate one for snack too! Yum!!!


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Tin Collection Competition!

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Thank you for supporting our tin collection competition on Friday 19th October 2018. We had a fantastic response and collected a huge amount of tins and there was some serious competition between classes!

The children had great fun carefully lining up their tins and the Year 6 children were experts, when it came to measuring each line accurately.

The winning class  at Aire View site was Kingfishers and their line measured 10m 38cm!

The winning class at Hothfield site was Mars and their line measured 15m 57cm!

All the tins will be distributed to the Local Salvation Army Foodbank at Keighley to help people and families in need. Once again thank you very much for your support.

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If you go down to the woods today…

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If you go down to the woods today don’t forget your teddy. In fact don’t forget they like coming to school too! We all brought in a teddy or a soft toy on Thursday to join us for our picnic dinner at school. We were all surprised to see that the hall had no tables, but picnic baskets and rugs down for us to sit on.  We had pre ordered all of our sandwiches before the day, so we all knew which to choose. it was very exciting and we all sat beautifully chatting to our friends and munching on our lunch. We were even allowed to have an ice cream when we had eaten our fruit. What a great day!







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