Nell Bank Visit

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This week the Reception children went on a school visit to Nell Bank in Ilkley. The centre  provides experiences for schools  across the full age and ability range.  The award winning activities and  inclusive facilities make it a top choice for learning outside the classroom.

Our journey began with the coach ride, all the children and adults were very excited.

Once we arrived Rob and his amazing team explained the plans for the day.

The Bear Hunt



Building Bear Hideouts

Hunting for Mini Beasts

Lunch Time!



Pond Dipping

Water Play

We had a fantastic day.  All the children were totally involved and learning from start to finish.

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Our Bug Lady Visitor

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Friday was a very exciting day for all Reception classes as we had a very special visitor. ‘The Bug Lady’ came for the whole morning and brought some of her friendly critters with her. We were all ready for her sitting in a circle and she explained that all of her mini beast visitors were very friendly and we could stroke or handle them all.

We started off with the cockroaches and she explained that these were Madagascan Cockroaches and we all had a little tickle with our feather fingers.


We then looked at some of the stick insects. The Daddy stick insect was very small and thin and the Mummy ones were much bigger and thicker. We all let them have a walk on our legs. some of them tried to walk over our shoes onto the carpet.


Lisa showed us some of the other insects she had with her. There were some spiny stick insects too and we all had a little stroke.



Finally we looked at the giant African Land Snails. Some of them were huge! They were very friendly and some of them licked our hands.

We were all very brave and proud of ourselves for holding and touching the Mini Beasts and we learnt such a lot from Lisa.


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Shark in the Park!

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In literacy we have been reading the story ‘Shark In The Park’ By Nick Sharratt. In the story Timothy Pope looks through his telescope and thinks he can see a shark in the pond! After reading the story we enjoyed creating our own boats using different construction materials in our outdoor area. We looked through our telescopes to see if we could see a shark!

Some of us were even made to walk the plank, luckily there were no sharks in the water this time!!

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Water Safety Assembly!

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We were very lucky to have a special assembly from the Canal and River Trust!

They came to tell us all about the canals and rivers around us and how to be safe near them. We thought it was very important that everyone in school knew how to be safe around the water, so we invited year 1 and 2 to our assembly too!

It was very interesting and we learnt lots about what to do in an emergency near the canal!

A big thank you  to Geoff from the Canal and River Trust for his fantastic, informative assembly!

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Water, Water Everywhere!

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Our summer term topic has begun and the children are already enjoying the range of tasks and experiences that the teachers have planned.



During the first week we found a small treasure chest with some teeth inside. This discovery led to lots of prediction and discussion. A few days later Mrs Bottomley explained that they were in fact SHARKS teeth! She also gave us a fantastic book and puppet. After lots of careful reading, we discovered that ‘Cruncher’ the main character in the story had lost his teeth. Cruncher had a nasty habit of crunching up anything that he found at the bottom of the sea.


Using stories we are working hard to improve our reading and writing skills.

We have also used some fishy friends to help with ordering and recognising larger numbers.

We are learning lots of interesting facts about creatures that live in water.

We sorted land and sea animals and realised that some of them live on both land and in the water.



In our outdoor area we have been experimenting with different ways we can use water. We used the water pipes to make a water system to help the water flow down the hill!

In maths we have been using the sea animals and fish bowls to help us with our addition! We then used the whiteboards to write addition sums to go with this!

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Our Building Site safety assembly

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During this morning’s assembly we had an important visitor talking about Building site safety. Mr Baldwin works for Bentleys and showed us lots of slides about safety and the things builders might need to keep them safe.

Some children were chosen to try on the safety gear that the builders might use.

Mr Baldwin was fantastic and we really enjoyed learning new things about building and site safety.

Thanks also to Bentleys for our lovely pencils which we all took home.


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Our Builder’s Visit to Reception

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Today we had an amazing experience in our playground with the lovely builder- Danny Clarke.





Danny showed us some of his building equipment and demonstrated how to build a strong wall, one that the wolf would not blow down! He explained that the wall needs to have a pattern across and the bricks need to overlap each other for strength. He just made a sand mix for safety with the children being close by, but said that sand mixed with water and cement, acts like glue and holds the bricks together.  Macy helped her Dad to trowel the sand mix onto the bricks to make a fine wall.

The children loved every minute of it and as soon as they could, they demonstrated their own building skills in our garden. overlapping the bricks and making their own walls strong.


A huge thank you to Danny Clark for giving up his own time to come and spend it in Reception and also a big thanks to Chippindale and Myers who helped out with materials and little gifts for the children. Thank you so much!

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Big Bad Wolf House Building Experiment!

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In Literacy we have been reading the story ‘The Three Little Pigs’, in the story the wolf managed to blow the pigs houses of straw and wood down. We decided to do an experiment to see if we could build houses strong enough, so the wolf could not blow them down! We worked together in teams, using lots of construction toys and materials from around the classroom to build the strongest house we could! Then the big bad wolf (a hairdryer!) tested how strong our houses were!

In Swifts we all built such strong houses that the wolf couldn’t blow any of them down, even the houses of straw and wood!! We were very happy about this!

In Bluebirds we also used lots of different materials to build houses. We discovered that the  Duplo and Uno construction kits were the strongest materials to build houses. Coloured blocks, stickle bricks and straw houses were quickly blown over by the big puffs from the ‘Big bad Wolf’!




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Building Site Visit

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We had such a interesting time at the building site. Jake and Karen showed the children some of the houses that were being  built and some of the finished houses. The children looked at the different materials that were being used. We saw bricks, wood, plastic piping, glass, paving blocks, concrete and tarmac.




Jake talked to the children about the clothes her wears to work. He explained how his  hat and boots protect him from falling bricks or from bumps from low scaffolding.


The children saw some of the machines that are used to help with heavy loads. One of the builders used a wheelbarrow whilst another used a loader to lift a pallet of bricks up to the brick layer.




Using pictures clues we could read lots of the safety signs.


On our way back we looked at different kinds of buildings.

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3 Sad Pigs

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Wow Welcome back to Spring Term. We really are Springing back into work in Reception!

In our first week back we found sad pigs in our classrooms. Skylarks had Bill, Bluebirds had Tom and Swifts had Sam.

They each had a note explaining that the wolf had done horrible things and had destroyed their houses. They were all really sad and wondered if the children could help. The children were really kind and generous and have been investigating and thinking about ways to help these poor sad pigs. Lots of children said that they could come and live with them and others said they would build him a new strong house out of bricks as that seemed to be the best building material. We will probably test out that theory later on…..

All three classes met in our assembly on Friday and discovered that the other pigs were in the other Reception classes!

We have been building houses out of straw, sticks and bricks to use in our tough trays. We are acting out the story of the 3 little pigs with that big bad wolf! We enjoyed making brick collages.



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