Down on the Farm Hoedown!

July 14th, 2017 by mrsoconnor

Today we have had a fantastic time celebrating the end of our farm topic and the end of an amazing year in Reception.  Here are some of the things we got up to today.

Hobby horse jumping.  The children timed each other using an iPad stop watch app and recorded the results on the board.  The child and horse with the fastest time got a sticker.

Hook a duck.  Two children  at a time had to hook as many ducks as they could in 1 minute.

Feed the pigs!  How many ball/apples can you get into the pigs mouth?

Pin the tail on the donkey.


We had lots of fun learning how to barn dance.


We ended the day with a huge picnic feast.  Thank you to all who brought food it was all yummy.

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Bluebird Class Assembly!

July 11th, 2017 by mrsoconnor

Last Tuesday Bluebirds performed their class assembly to parents and grandparents. They also presented their learning to the whole school. The children in Bluebirds decided exactly what they wanted to do and worked really hard to perfect their dancing and singing skills. Everyone impressed the audience with their confidence, enthusiasm and bravery for standing and speaking in front of so many people! Well done to each and every member of the class, you were truly amazing! A big thank you to all parents and carers who came to watch.

bluebirds assembly from Theresa on Vimeo.


assembly movie! from Sophie Mills on Vimeo.


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Swifts Class Assembly

July 11th, 2017 by mrsoconnor

We had an amazing time showcasing our learning to our family and friends.

We have learnt a lot and shared that with everyone.

Swifts are ready to carry on learning and will carry on reaching for the stars!

Swifts Class Assembly 1 from Theresa on Vimeo.

Swifts Class Assembly Part 2 from Theresa on Vimeo.

Swifts Class Assembly Part 3 from Theresa on Vimeo.

Swists Class Assembly Part 4 from Theresa on Vimeo.


After our performance, we stopped and shared juice and biscuits with our grown ups!

Enough time to recharge our batteries and perform again to the rest of the school.

Well done Swifts-We are so very proud of you.


We hope you enjoyed watching us and thank you for taking the time to come and watch.

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Hesketh Farm!

July 4th, 2017 by mrsoconnor

As you know, for the last part of the summer term our topic is ‘Down on the Farm’. To help us with our learning, we visited ‘Hesketh Farm Park’.


Reception, children and staff, had a fantastic day! Take a look at some of the photo’s from our fun trip!

The Farm Park is idyllic, with around 10 acres of greenery overlooking the Yorkshire hills. Hesketh Farm is still a working farm with over 1,000 livestock including cattle, sheep and pigs. The Farm Park is run by Farmer Chris and his wife Sue together with a team of helpful and friendly staff.

We explored every corner of the farm both inside and out!

The children arrived at Hesketh Farm and met Farmer Chris, he introduced the children to the staff and told them a few rules and then they were off!

The children had to feed the hens and collect the eggs. While they held the eggs they had to decided if it was warm or cold. If it was warm that meant that it had just been laid and if it was cold that meant it had been laid a little while before.

The children listened very carefully to the instructions about how to hold the baby chicks and they did this really well.

The children also had an opportunity to go on a tractor ride!

The children made some milk for the baby lambs. They then got to feed them. “The lambs are so strong, they nearly pulled the bottle out of my hands.”

The children were able to hold the guinea pigs and give them a brush. They felt really soft and cuddly. At first they were a bit wriggly but some fell asleep in the end!

Some of the children were able to see George the tortoise up really close. They carefully felt his shell.

Before the children returned to school they had an opportunity to play outside it was great fun.

Finally it was time to return to school and most of the children and adults were pretty tired! It was an excellent day and all the children were a credit to our school. Farmer Chris said we were the best behaved school they have had at Hesketh Farm. He was also impressed with the children’s knowledge and enthusiasm. Well done Reception!

A big thank you to all volunteers who came along with us, without your support it would not have been possible to go.

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Dress Up & Dance!

June 29th, 2017 by mrsoconnor

Today we had lots of fun dressing up and dancing! Thank you for all of your kind donations.

NSHH8310[1] from Sophie Mills on Vimeo.

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Down on the Farm

June 27th, 2017 by mrsoconnor
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This half term the children have been learning all about the farm.

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Pirate Celebration Day!

May 20th, 2017 by mrsoconnor
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Today the children were really excited as they arrived dressed in their amazing pirate clothes. We spent the morning making pirate food, telescopes, eye patches and playing outdoor games. We even did a treasure hunt and found chocolate coins in a treasure chest!

pirate day2 from Sophie Mills on Vimeo.

In the afternoon, Jack Sparrow arrived! We were so excited to meet a ‘real’ pirate. He received our messages in a bottle and found our treasure maps.  Our maps helped him find his treasure and he dug it out of the mud! We sang songs along with Jack Sparrow and his guitar and enjoyed our pirate food with him!  We had a great afternoon!

Keep watching this space for more videos of the afternoon!


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Arrr! Me Hearties! Pirates have arrived at Aire View!

May 2nd, 2017 by mrsoconnor
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Over the Easter break changes were afoot in Swifts Class.  Lots of new pirate themed areas appeared and this left us wondering why?

The book area has become a pirate cove. Only pirate readers allowed!

The small world became pirate themed along with ‘Skull Island’ and sea monsters.

The role play area has a ship, a galley kitchen, treasure and a captain’s writing desk.


When we took the register back to the office we found a bottle with a message inside and what looked to be a pirate treasure chest.  All three Reception classes gathered together to find out why they had been left for us.

These children found the message and treasure chest when they returned the registers.

We looked at the bottle and thought about what was inside. Most children guessed it was from a pirate but some thought it was a treasure map and others thought it was a message.

Mrs Travers read the message to us.  This is what it said;

Arrr, so you’ve found me message then. Well done Landlubbers!

Hope you didn’t have too much trouble getting it out of the bottle, but it’s the safest way for a sea faring pirate to send a message without it getting wet!  My name is Captain Jack Sparrow one of the most famous pirates that ever sailed the seven seas.

I hope whoever you are that you will help me and if ya do ya will be rewarded well, ‘Pirates honour’.  (That means I will stick to my word).

I have found treasure, treasure of such riches you cannot begin to imagine, but I fear that another pirate the dreaded Black Beard will steal it from me before I get chance to bury it.  Black Beard is not a friendly pirate like me-self and often makes his pirate crew walk the plank, or flog them with a cat o’ nine tales if they do not follow the Pirate code of honour.

I came onto land to find a suitable place to hide me riches but me poor sea legs soon got the better of me and I became sick as a dog.  (It is usually the other way round for you Landlubbers).  I have hidden the treasure about the place but you must find it and bury it in case Black Beard shows up and finds it first, do ya think ya can do that for me?  Don’t ye be forgetting to mark the spot with an X.

I hope I can be trusting ya me hearties, Not a word to Black Beard,

Captain Jack Sparrow.


We all agreed to follow the pirate code of honor and learnt a special phrase and action called ‘Cross and bones’ that we will say to show we are following the code.  We had a quick look at the ‘real’ pirate treasure and then sealed it up again and took it outside to bury in a safe place.


We used sticks to mark the spot.

When we got back to our classrooms we received another message from Jack Sparrow.

Arrr, me Harties this be Captain Jack Sparrow asking ye to be doing me a favour – ya will be rewarded well! Pirates Honour.

I hope ya managed to find me treasure and bury it before Black Beard could get his rotten hands on it.

Now whats I needs is a map so I can find where ya hid me booty. Me old sea legs will soon be ready to return to land, but don’t worry ya selves I will send ye all a message before I arrive. 

I have attached one of me old maps to show ya what a pirate treasure map looks like.  Be having a good look at it so ya can make one of ya own.

Do ya think ye all could make a map like that for me?

 Arrr me hearties, I can’t wait to meet ya all.                                           

Captain Jack Sparrow.    


We set to work straight away.  We noticed that his map was brown and torn around the edges so we stained our maps and tore around the edges to make them look authentic.  Next we looked at the features on his map.  It had labels telling us what the places were called, it had a compass and ‘x’s to show where the treasure was.  We made sure we included these features in our maps.  Here are a few examples of our maps.

We can’t wait to receive another message.  In the meantime we will keep Jack Sparrow’s treasure safe from Blackbeard.


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Easter Bonnet Parade

April 10th, 2017 by mrsoconnor
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Wow! What a busy half term this has been.  To celebrate it coming to an end we had an Easter bonnet parade and played lots of egg themed games. The children and families made some truly outstanding bonnets making the judging of the competition very difficult for Mrs Bottomley.

Here are the winning bonnets.

Here are some of the other amazing bonnets.


In the morning we made egg sandwiches for the party in the afternoon.

We also made ‘Easter Nest’ buns.


We began the celebration in the afternoon with our Easter Parade.

Next we played some games outside.

Duck, Duck, Goose.

Egg and Spoon Race.

Egg hunt – (We hid name cards and the children needed to find them in exchange for chocolate bunny lollies)

We ended our celebration with our egg sandwiches and a drink in our classrooms.


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Egg Drop

March 28th, 2017 by mrsoconnor
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Today we read ‘Egg Drop’ as a class during Shared Reading. We were so engaged. It made us eager to do our own experiment!

We worked together superbly, in pairs and threes, to design our own ‘Egg Drop’ device. We made them using recycled material following our ‘Earth Day’. We drew our design and wrote a list of the materials and resources we used.

We predicted whether our egg would then dropped and tested them, from a height, to see if the eggs were protected or if they had cracked!

To make the test fair we all tested the egg drop on the same wall.  We measured the height of the wall and discussed the position, distance and time it took to drop.


We had a ‘cracking’ time!!


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