Stomp, stomp, big roars, here come the dinosaurs!

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A warm welcome back to you all and trust you had a super Christmas! Happy New Year to you all.

We arrived back in class to an exciting new discovery in our classrooms! A large green and brown coloured egg was found in all of our role play areas in the morning and strange little footprints were close by.  We are not sure what could be in the eggs, but they are quite large! We had some very deep thinking about what had laid or left the eggs and why. Lots of children were sure it was not from a chicken, but some already knew that dinosaurs were extinct! Watch this space closely for more information, clues and ideas.



Lots of activities we have been completing in the classroom have been Dinosaur related, linked to our new topic. The children are loving it and we get some very deep thinking about dinosaurs, fossils and bones. We can’t wait to find out more.



Even our outdoor Literacy today was linked to Dinosaurs. We had to use our cooperation and team work skills to build and describe a huge dinosaur. Skylarks split into 2 groups and made two different ones. we liked his spiky plates on his back and has long tail and big feet.


Bluebirds created a large spotty dinosaur with a bumpy tail and another with long legs and huge eyes!

In swifts we worked together in our groups to make one dinosaur with a round bumpy body and another dinosaur with lots of spikes and 3 cone eyes!

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100% Attendance Awards

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The children were delighted to receive a book for attending school every day during the Autumn Term.


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Christmas Party Day!

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Today was our Christmas party day!

We all came dressed for the occasion in our party clothes and had lots of fun playing games and eating our plates of party food!

After the party we went to the hall to sing some Christmas songs and whilst we were singing Santa came to surprise us! He loved our singing and gave every class a gift!



The children were so excited to open their presents from Santa.


The children all looked amazing in their Christmas  jumpers.


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Reception Christmas Performance – 2017

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Our final story in our ‘Once Upon a Time’ topic was to learn about the very first Christmas.

The children have used small world and role play to retell the story.

Today the children performed the ‘Christmas Nativity’.

It took a little time to get dressed into our special costumes.


All the children were excited and a little nervous.

Reception Christmas Performance 2017 from Theresa on Vimeo.


Reception Christmas Performance 2017 Part 2 from Theresa on Vimeo.

Wow an amazing performance Reception! Well done 🙂

Reception Christmas Performance 2017 Part 3 from Theresa on Vimeo.

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The Three Billy Goats Gruff.

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We have begun to look at the story of The 3 Billy Goats Gruff.

We read it as a class and enjoyed listening to the different versions we have found. We’ve had a lot of problem solving to do from the story!

We played in the puppet show with the puppets from the story.

First we had to try and remember the story and retell it in the garden. We had lots of fun, saying the words and pretending to be the goats and the Troll.

We liked using the Troll voice that was loud and deep-

“Who’s that trip trapping over my bridge?”


We also had the opportunity to use the construction kits in the class to make a bridge for the troll to hide underneath. But! it had to be strong enough for the goats to stand on.

We looked at lots of different bridges around the world and decided what kind of design we might want to use.

We worked together to make a really strong bridge.









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Gingerbread Man Activities

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We really enjoyed using the puppet theatre to retell the Gingerbread Man story.

We made our own shadow puppet theatre and used the puppets and torches to retell the story!

In literacy we have been thinking about alternative endings to the Gingerbread Man story. We thought about what would happen to the Gingerbread man if he tried to swim across the river instead of the fox helping him. We tested this out in a science experiment, by adding the Gingerbread Men to milk, water, oil and vinegar!


In ICT we have been using the Gingerbread Man games on TopMarks and Starfall  to help us practice our maths counting and ordering skills. If you would like to have a go at playing these games at home use this link!

In our outdoor area we worked with construction materials to build an oven to bake the Gingerbread Man.

The children were encouraged to share ideas, solve problems  and work together as a team.



We even went fishing for the gingerbread men who fell in the river. They all had numerals on and we had to match up the numerals with the amounts of buttons and put on correct numbers of counters.

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Once Upon a Time…

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Today the children returned to school after the half term holiday and found Gingerbread Man parts around the classroom.

After we fixed the parts together we found the hidden message on the back.


The children were delighted to read the story and used the puppet theatre to act out the story.


Later we followed instructions to make our own Gingerbread Men.


After the Gingerbread Men were baked the children enjoyed decorating them with sticky icing sugar and sprinkles.





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A New Visitor in Reception!

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Each class in Reception has a new member this week. Pipa the skeleton dog has heard about us reading the ‘Funnybones’ story. She’s heard that we are all kind and caring and has come to stay for a few days in each of our classrooms.

We also received a letter from the pet shop in Silsden, saying that we were invited to come and buy some new things for our new pet. So we wrote a group shopping list, with some of the things that we might need, like, a bed, some toys, a bowl and some food.

Today it was Skylarks class to visit the shop, we looked carefully at what we might need and left with a ball, a dog toothbrush, a juicy stick to eat and some gravy bones. We enjoyed the trip down to the shop and the excitement of choosing and shopping.


Today it was Bluebirds turn to visit the pet shop. The children bought some dog food, a dog chew, pooh bags, a chewing stick and a toothbrush brush. We also meet a lovely dog that had come to the shop for a hair cut.



Finally it was the Swifts turn to walk to the pet shop and buy some things for Pipa! We got her some small bones, a shoe chew toy and a lovely bag of treats! We enjoyed walking around the shop choosing the items for Pipa and we even had a go at weighing ourselves on the large scales used to weigh the dogs that come in for their hair cutting!




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Skeleton Pizza

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In groups, some of the children used food to create delicious Skeleton Pizza’s.


The children started with a Tortilla wrap. After using a cutter to create the shape of a person, we talked about how the wrap represented our skin. The children understood that skin is needed to protect our bodies and holds everything together.

Next they added a thin coat of tomato sauce to the base. We talked about how this is like blood that flows around our bodies.

Then pieces of cheese were used to create the bones in the body. We agreed that the bones hold us upright and help us to move.

The Skeleton pizza’s made a delicious snack.



Yum Yum!




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Life Caravan Visit

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We had a very exciting visit inside the Life caravan last week!


The Life Education Caravan brings health and wellbeing learning to life.

Juliet helped us to understand that the body gets energy from food, water and air and that exercise and sleep are important to our health.

We found out about what’s inside our bodies and where all the important bits are. We met a doll called Tam. She helped us to understand about the important bits inside us, like our heart, lungs, bones and veins.

Gerald the giraffe told us all about healthy eating and keeping clean.



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