Building Site Visit

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We had such a interesting time at the building site. Jake and Karen showed the children some of the houses that were being  built and some of the finished houses. The children looked at the different materials that were being used. We saw bricks, wood, plastic piping, glass, paving blocks, concrete and tarmac.





Jake talked to the children about the clothes her wears to work. He explained how his  hat and boots protect him from falling bricks or from bumps from low scaffolding.


The children saw some of the machines that are used to help with heavy loads. One of the builders used a wheelbarrow whilst another used a loader to lift a pallet of bricks up to the brick layer.




Using pictures clues we could read lots of the safety signs.


On our way back we looked at different kinds of buildings.

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3 Sad Pigs

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Wow Welcome back to Spring Term. We really are Springing back into work in Reception!

In our first week back we found sad pigs in our classrooms. Skylarks had Bill, Bluebirds had Tom and Swifts had Sam.

They each had a note explaining that the wolf had done horrible things and had destroyed their houses. They were all really sad and wondered if the children could help. The children were really kind and generous and have been investigating and thinking about ways to help these poor sad pigs. Lots of children said that they could come and live with them and others said they would build him a new strong house out of bricks as that seemed to be the best building material. We will probably test out that theory later on…..

All three classes met in our assembly on Friday and discovered that the other pigs were in the other Reception classes!

We have been building houses out of straw, sticks and bricks to use in our tough trays. We are acting out the story of the 3 little pigs with that big bad wolf! We enjoyed making brick collages.



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Chinese New Year

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During our Understanding the World strand of our learning, we have been looking at Chinese New Year and what kind of traditions and celebrations may be involved.

The children have made Dragon Masks and lanterns and have been very creative in their colouring and cutting out.

After watching a clip about how children celebrate we made a line wearing our masks and carrying our lanterns, we did a dragon dance around the classroom.

We had a go at writing Chinese numbers in red sand, even when it was really tricky!

The festival goes on for 15 days. Ask the children, which colour is lucky and what the children may get at this special time?

Gung Hai Fat Choi.

Happy New Year!




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Palaeontologist Visit!

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To finish our dinosaur topic, we had a very exciting visit from Brian the Palaeontologist!



He told us all about his job and showed us lots of the different tools he uses when he is digging up dinosaur bones!

We looked at the different fossils that Brian has found all around the world and he told us all about “lizard-hipped” and ‘bird-hipped” dinosaurs, that walk on 4 and 2 legs.


We even measured the length of a Brachiosaurus’ neck! It was the length of 8 people stood next to each other with their arms stretched out!


Here are some pictures of us wearing Brian’s special hat!




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Our NSPCC Fund Raising

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A couple of  weeks ago we had a visit from the NSPCC Team in our assembly. We met Buddy and the team, they talked about how we can take care of ourselves and how to stay safe and how we could talk to trusted people if we were worried or upset. We said that family members, teachers, lunchtime supervisors and people we trusted could listen to us. We learnt how to do the actions to the ‘Childline’ phone number,  0800 1111 if we had anything we needed to talk about.

Following on from this we took part in a Sponsored obstacle course in our PE lessons to raise money for the NSPCC. We worked as a team racing against each other and completed some exciting challenges which included jumping, running, hopping and weaving. We had lots of fun and hope to raise lots of money for them.


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Mystery Object Day

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After waiting for over four weeks our egg shaped mystery object has finally broken open. It was all very exciting!

After researching lots of factual books the children understood  that the mystery object couldn’t be hiding a baby dinosaur because they became EXTINCT over 65 million years ago!

However the Reception children where happy to find lots of small chocolate eggs inside.


After some careful counting we found that we had enough eggs for everyone to eat! Yum Yum!

The mystery object also had a block of hard sand inside. The children collected the Palaeontologist tools that we had in our investigation area and  carefully unearthed some bones hidden inside.


After the bones were put together we discovered that it was the skeleton of a T Rex.


How exciting! we will keep the T Rex and make sure we show any visitors that come to our classroom.

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A Special Visitor in Reception.

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We had a special visitor in reception this week. Mrs Watson came to tell us all about what it is like to be blind.

She showed us her special stick that she uses to help her walk around and had lots of pictures for us to look at to help us understand how some blind people see things. Mrs Watson also told us how excited she is to be getting a guide dog to help her!

Here are some pictures from Mrs Watson’s visit. It was very interesting and we all listened really carefully to what she was telling us!

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Dinosaur Challenges

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Over the last couple of weeks the Reception children have enjoyed a range of challenges and activities. Many of our children have become dinosaur expects and are excited and inspired to learn and play developing their talents and interests.


We saw some great problem solving when the dinosaurs became trapped inside ice balls, having been left outside over night. The children experimented with different tools, liquids and materials to help them to escape.



The children used reading and phonic skills to follow the Dinosaur recipe card. The dinosaur had eaten far too much food and needed some soup to settle his tummy.


Here the children followed the instruction card to make an enclosure for a baby dinosaur. They worked as a team to collect the right colour, size and number of bricks. They enjoyed the challenge and persisted with the task to ensure that the dinosaur was protected safely inside from the hungry T Rex.

In maths we have been looking at different dinosaur egg nests and counting how many eggs we could see! Here we used the ten frames and counters to show the different number of eggs in each nest.




We used sticks as a unit of measure to find out which dinosaur footprint was the longest.





We also used cubes to find the tallest and shortest dinosaurs.

Our classroom has lots of other tasks that keep us busy during choosing time. Last week we had counting dinosaurs into buckets, sorting small letters with capitals and matching shapes to make a dinosaur.

In Swifts we had a go at completing this giant dinosaur jigsaw! It took us nearly 40 minutes and a lot of team work, but we got there in the end!

We all had a go at making our own fossils from salt dough. We pressed shells and small dinosaurs into the dough and left them to dry. Once they were dry, we painted them to look like real fossils.

These are the finished fossils!

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Stomp, stomp, big roars, here come the dinosaurs!

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A warm welcome back to you all and trust you had a super Christmas! Happy New Year to you all.

We arrived back in class to an exciting new discovery in our classrooms! A large green and brown coloured egg was found in all of our role play areas in the morning and strange little footprints were close by.  We are not sure what could be in the eggs, but they are quite large! We had some very deep thinking about what had laid or left the eggs and why. Lots of children were sure it was not from a chicken, but some already knew that dinosaurs were extinct! Watch this space closely for more information, clues and ideas.



Lots of activities we have been completing in the classroom have been Dinosaur related, linked to our new topic. The children are loving it and we get some very deep thinking about dinosaurs, fossils and bones. We can’t wait to find out more.



Even our outdoor Literacy today was linked to Dinosaurs. We had to use our cooperation and team work skills to build and describe a huge dinosaur. Skylarks split into 2 groups and made two different ones. we liked his spiky plates on his back and has long tail and big feet.


Bluebirds created a large spotty dinosaur with a bumpy tail and another with long legs and huge eyes!

In swifts we worked together in our groups to make one dinosaur with a round bumpy body and another dinosaur with lots of spikes and 3 cone eyes!

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100% Attendance Awards

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The children were delighted to receive a book for attending school every day during the Autumn Term.


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